What is blooming in JUNE 2020

Different years the orchids grown in greenhouses bloom at different times, depending on the weather changes and the experimentation of the grower which some times lead even to happy incidents. In 2020 we had a very mild winter and some cooling of the weather at the end of May. That was great for our orchids and many of them spiked to bloom later than expected, but in greater numbers.

In June 2020 in bloom are the following species:

Bulbophyllum auratum

Bulbophyllum macranthum

Leptotes bicolor

Seidenfadenia mitrata

Dendrobium lidleyi

Paphiopedilum Maudiae “green”

Paraphalaenopsis laycockii x Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua

Coelogyne pachystachya