Here at Orhidaria we don’t use any particular brand fertilizer. Feeding is like cooking – food can be prepared in different ways and could taste different, but it all must satisfy hunger. There are two things you need to know about fertilizer:

1. Orchids need less fertilizer than terrestrial plants 4 -10 times, so you can buy any fertilizer and use instead of 1 table spoon, only 1 TEA spoon in a gallon (approx. 4 liters). Feed weakly and frequently. 2. Fertilizers are two groups: macro nutrients and micro nutrients – you must use both. Macro nutrients are those with N-P-K, the other kind is with micro elements and they contain many elements like Fe, Ca, Mg, Co, S, Mn, etc. Depending on the water you are using you will need a fertilizer with or without Ca and Mg – if you are using RO (reverse osmosis) water – you need fertilized that contains both elements (N-P-K-Ca-Mg) if your water is from a well only N-P-K…