For international orders the shipping charges will not be included in the initial invoice. You will receive a second invoice with final amount to be paid. All the shipping charges are due in advance. Once delivered shipping is non refundable. We highly recommend to order more than one plant. This will save you money on shipping charges. The shipping company calculates the charges based on size of the box and in a box one or few orchids could fit for the same shipping price.

That depends on the destination and on the weather. If the temperatures are below freezing in any part of the route we will postpone the shipping to the next week.You will be notified when we ship or if we postpone due to a bad weather. We normally ship on Tuesdays by 1pm and if your order is not ready for some reason we will ship it the following week.

For international orders you will receive a confirmation email containing list of products with no shipping charges. In the next day or two we will calculate the shipping costs to your address and send you an offer to approve. Once this offer is paid we will ship.

If the weather is too cold to ship we will delay the shipping until the weather improves. If you ask us to ship right away, we will, but this will void the guarantee.

Yes. Invoices are emailed as soon as we receive the payment. We will include a printed copy in your package upon request. We try to save trees, but if you need your paper copy we won’t argue.

As of 27 May 2020 Bulgaria is again open for international shipping after the crisis with COVID-19, so we are happy to announce that we accept new orders. There is a probability for new restrictions as in any country – in such case we will place the orders on temporary hold.

Please, pay attention for the items that have been sold out – we cannot predict when our next supply of those plants is going to happen.


That depends on your bank. Usually one to five days.

You could send us a wish list of orchids we currently don’t have in our greenhouse. We gather new species every three months and can include your wish list if we find your orchid.

This is a very rare occurrence, but if the content is damaged you should send us a picture. If only packaging is damaged, but not the product itself, please be reasonable – we ship products not packaging. In general we send a replacement if one is available. If not we could offer you a different product or a refund. In most cases we offer free shipping for the replacement item.

You can change or cancel your order as long as the package has not departed our facility.

For international orders we ship via UPS, so you can track your order on the carrier’s website.

We ship by UPS to all countries part of the European Union. Until the end of 2020 we ship to United Kingdom too. We ship to Romania and Greece by local operator – Econt. For other countries please contact us.

After ordering you will receive a second invoice with shipping to your address calculated, but if you wish to know in advance shipping charges are listed below.

For all countries in the European Union EU.

By UPS for orders to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Box up to 1 kg (calculated by volume) – 24 EUR

1 – 2 kg 29 EUR

2 – 3 kg 35 EUR

3 – 4 kg 40 EUR

for larger sizes please contact us

Orders to Greece are delivered by local courier Econt and charges are depending on the region: for packages 1 – 2 kg:

West Thrace Δυτική Θράκη – 10 EUR

Mainland Greece – 15 EUR

Greek islands – 17 EUR

Farthest regions – 19 EUR

For packages 2 -5 kg:

West Thrace Δυτική Θράκη – 15 EUR

Mainland Greece – 19 EUR

Greek islands – 23 EUR

Farthest regions – 25 EUR

For orders to Romania we ship by FAN Courier in our standard box 13 cm/31 cm/42 cm. and the cost for shipping depends on the size of the order in EURO:

for orders up to 25 EUR – shipping is 9 EUR

25 – 50 EUR order  – 10 EUR for shipping

50 – 75 EUR order – 11 EUR for shipping