About the plant sizes

In the plant business, generally speaking, the size of the plants is determined by three parameters: the size of the pot (diameter at the opening), the “height” and the size of the leaf span – or how “wide” the plant is.

In addition in the orchid business, plants are divided by age into groups of: “seedlings”, “near blooming size”, “flowering size” and “a specimen”. This may sound self explanatory, yet it is not quite. For example, “flowering size” should mean that the plant is old enough to bloom, but there are some specimens of the same age that are “shy” to bloom and others which bloom earlier than expected (this is where the expression “early bloomer” comes from). “A Specimen” is a plant with a large size and impressive characteristics for its kind, often many years of age – which is always good if the orchid world.

Collectors, of course, are also interested in the size of the flower. Most people prefer larger bloom on smaller plant and dislike when the plant is very robust yet produces tiny flowers.

Here are a few examples of miniature orchids:

Angreacum elephantinum – our plants are “near blooming size” NBS and are in pots with diameter of 8 cm. At the moment the leaf span is not larger than the diameter of the pots, but they will grow to about 12 cm. The flower is about 6 – 6.5 cm in diameter.

Leptotes bicolor – Our plants are flowering size. They have bloomed for us already. They are in pots with a diameter of 3.5 cm and a leaf span of about 5 cm

Neofinetia falcata – We have many different forms of this orchid, the size is different for different varieties from 3-4 cm growth to about 8 – 9 cm, as we have plants with one, two… to 5 – 6 growths  Flowers are about 1 – 1.5 cm in diameter and fragrant. (this is one of my favorite orchids)

Phalaenopsis finleyi – Blooming size (they have bloomed for us) with a leaf span of 4-5 cm and color 1 cm. Mounted on piece of bark

Pteroceras semiteretifolium – blooming size, have not bloomed for us, as of yet. Leaf span 4 – 5 cm, mounted on a piece of bark (7x 4 cm approximately)