We now sell Orchiata and sphagnum moss

We have imported and now hold in stock the most praised orchid media – Orchiata and sphagnum moss.

Orchiata is orchid bark medium that is highly praised by everyone who ever used it. We grow our seedlings in it and they are doing great. Orchiata is NOT more expensive than its alternatives. It saves you time and effort.

Sphagnum moss comes in different grades. It is used for orchids that like more moisture. It is rot resistant, but it holds a host of beneficial bacteria. Sphagnum adjusts the pH and buffers the water to optimal range for plants and aquariums.  It is used for care of tropical frogs and snakes and for aquarium fish water conditioning.

We have also live sphagnum that grows in our greenhouse and can be used for aquariums and gardens.

Higher grade sphagnum for Neofinetia, may seem at first expensive, but this is because it is selected and packaged by hand. To achieve better look of your Neofinetia mounts higher grade sphagnum makes the job so much easier and quick. When I use lower grade sphagnum I resort to using fishing line which makes the change of the moss very difficult later on. With higher grade sphagnum this is unnecessary, since the moss holds the plant in place very nicely and when needs to be changed is removed easy.

We also have lower grades sphagnum and Chilean sphagnum in small packages or larger quantities. We can supply sphagnum in nursery size quantities.

What is in bloom in June 2021

This year the weather is equatorial like – hot mornings with heavy rain in the afternoon. The high humidity made everything look fresh and tasty.

In June 2021 have in bloom:

Leptotes bicolor

Thunia alba

Thunia brymeriana

Catasetum tenebrosum

Paraphalaenopsis laycockii x Seidenfadenia mitrata

Paraphalaenopsis laycockii x Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua

Broughtonia negrilensis x Guaricattonia (Cattleytonia) Starrlyn

Neofinetia (Vanda) falcata

Dendrobium senile

Orchid sale at Bulgarian Orchid Society meeting

We will bring orchid plants for sale in bud and others to the meeting of the orchid society on the 8th February 2020, 18:30 at Art Salon of Radio Varna. The orchids are specimen plants of high quality. They will be available for general public, but th emembers ofthe society will enjoy a discount. Orchids available for sale will be from the following: (if you wish to place a order you could do so through the site – payment will be collected when th eplant is picked up)

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How to take care of your orchid once it arrives

Travel is a stressful time for your orchid. It is in the dark for longer than one night, it is hot or cold and in a stuffy atmosphere. The most important thing you should do once you open your box is to remove all the packaging and examine its condition well. Now is the best time to examine the roots remove all the damaged ones and pot the orchid in its permanent container in a medium of your desire…

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