Orchid news and events

St Barbara’s day. December 4, 2019 We are expecting a large shipment of plants

We are expecting a large shipment of blooming size plants from Thailand. It will include some common and many collectible species. The plants can be purchased through this site, but visitors to our greenhouse are always welcome Monday through Friday from 9 – 17:00. Please give us a call prior coming to make sure Krum will attend to you and show you what is new.


What is new

Orchidaria is a new business established in Varna Bulgaria in 2019. We sell orchid plants in any stage of development, tropical indoor plants, decorative plants, flowers and plant seeds. Our production is organically grown and never treated with any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We focus on high quality and complete customer’s satisfaction. Everyone is welcome to visit our location in Varna. For those who live far from us we ship. Orchidaria is one of the sponsors of the Bulgarian Orchid Society. Our products can be purchased at the meetings of the club every month at Radio Varna Art Salon. For more information please contact us or the Orchid Society at their Facebook page. Besides selling plants we educate. We provide scientifically sound, reliable information about plant care, based on science and long experience.

About Krum

Krum Sotirov is internationally recognized orchid expert known for his lectures on orchid care, presented before orchid societies and garden clubs in the US and Canada. He has maintained one of the most informative orchid website ionopsis.com from 1996 until 2016. Orhidaria will continue the tradition.